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To Where I Glow! Where we create beautiful, vegan soy candles, wax melts and reed diffusers that are sustainable and eco friendly. We hand pour all of our candles, wax melts and mix our diffusers in our Kent workshop, which all are handmade by me!

I came to create my brand Where I Glow because, I have an obsession with candles and all things home fragrance.  I love the science and magic behind the creation of making a candle, diffuser and you will find me burning a scented candle daily, even if it is just a little tea light!

At Where I Glow, we create our natural candles with sustainable eco soy wax for a clean burn and use vegan fragrant oils. It is important to me that my home fragrance soy candles and diffusers are free from parabens and toxins.

Our candles, wax melts and diffusers will transport your mind and senses to a heart warming place of familiar or new scents. I believe each scent should be a new experience and hopefully create new memories.

Where I Glow only uses high premium, eco soy wax with vegan premium fragrance oils, natural cotton wicks and reeds. Our soy wax is made in Britain and all other ingredients used are locally sourced with eco and sustainable packaging. Helping to reducing our carbon footprint too!

If you are looking for a new eco, sustainable vegan brand that is planet conscious to add to your home décor, then we are the one.

We like things simple over here, so you won't find any parabens (preservatives), phthalates (acid), zinc and lead (metals).

I am passionate about the welfare of animals, and have been vegan for 8+ years.  At Where I Glow we are against animal ingredients and testing! Our soy candles, wax melts and diffusers are 100% animal friendly.

Our soy candles are a great addition to your home and make great gifts too.



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