Mothers Day 4 Ways To Treat Your Mum

Mothers Day 4 Ways To Treat Your Mum

Mothers Day 4 Ways To Treat Your Mum

The Ivy Chelsea Garden

If you are feeling a little spendy, I highly recommend treating your mum to a very special, mother’s day brunch, lunch or dinner. The Ivy Chelsea Garden restaurant is loved by most celebrities, socialites, influencers and everyone in between.  Set in the middle of a busy high street, King's Road.  The Ivy can give you escapism in its fancy art deco, décor and certainly its varied menu for all, vegetarians and vegans.  Presentation in the food preparation displays the chefs skilled practitioner of the culinary arts.  Definitely Instagram and TikTok worthy!

On most special occasions like Mothers day, you will find a special set menu just for the occasion.  Make sure to book ahead of time, so you’re not disappointed!

The Ivy Chelsea Garden RestaurantThe Ivy Chelsea Garden RestaurantThe Ivy Chelsea Garden Restaurant

Vincent Van Gogh London Exhibit

If your mum is cultured and loves the arts then this is the one for her.  Submerse yourselves into an immersive, artistic in dept trip into the history of Vincent Van Gogh.  75-95 minutes of history on the artist and legend.  Learn about his paintings, personal life and step into a seriously, crazy mind trip in a 3D, VR (virtual reality) experience about his paintings.  The best is saved for last with a grand finale of an interactive room with Vincent Van Gogh paintings, exhibited all over the walls, floor and ceiling.  Simply sit back and enjoy the art, peace and serenity.

Vincent Van Gogh London ExhibitionVincent Van Gogh London ExhibitionVincent Van Gogh London Exhibition

Where I Glow

*Self plug.  If your mum is anything like me and loves home fragrances to set different moods around the home.  Add that all so Danish Hygge experience of cosiness and feeling of content by adding, a scented candle for her home.  Our candles are made with eco soy wax, premium fragrance oil with a cotton wick.  Hand poured into a whisky style glass, presented with a natural bamboo lid, giving the minimalistic, aesthetic feel.  Our natural and sustainable candles come in a variety of scents to suit most nose pallets.  Candle scent, Raspberry and Vanilla is our best seller there is something for everyone.

Soy Candle Raspberry Vanilla 7 oz Home FragranceSoy Candle Rose Musk Vanilla 7 oz Home Fragrance

Massage At Home Pamper Sessions

Really treat your mum to a full lux pamper experience!  Maybe start the morning off by preparing a full breakfast of something, she loves to eat.  Followed by treating her to an at home spa experience.  Have a professional home manicurist, massage home therapist or makeup artist come and treat her to the works!  Prepare a wonderful lunch and dinner for later, the ideas are endless. 

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