Candle Seasons 3 Popular Autumn Candles by Where I Glow

Candle Seasons 3 Popular Autumn Candles by Where I Glow

It's officially candle season and Autumn.  And although, I'm typing this after the first week into October, we are still experiencing some crazy late summer weather? Like, what?  So should we even be thinking about, popping open the popular candle scents of the autumn season?  Err, yes!

3 Popular Soy Autumn Candles

Pumpkin Spice 7oz Candle by Where I Glow

PUMPKIN SPICE | spicy scent

Ok, this right here is a no brainer. Nothing says Autumn Candle, like the spicy Pumpkin Spice candle.  If you're that girl, that rushes out first sight of a falling Autumn leaf, to grab yourself a Pumpkin Spice latte, then this is especially for you. Bringing the Pumpkin patch vibes with,

  • Top Notes | Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon
  • Middle Notes | Nutmeg
  • Base Notes | Clove and Ginger


Raspberry and Bergamot 7oz Soy Candle by Where I Glow

RASPBERRY + BERGAMOT | sweet scent

Now hold up! This scent should come with a trick or treat warning, as it is packed with all things sweet and toffee apple warm.  Definitely the sort of autumn candle, you want to come home to from a long day of work.  Go on and treat yourself to,

  • Top Notes | Bergamot, Orange, Fig Leaves and Raspberry
  • Middle Notes | Lily, Candy Floss, Liquorice and Strawberry
  • Base Notes | Woods, Powder Musk, Vanilla and Caramel


Warm Vanilla Sugar 7oz Soy Candle by Where I Glow

WARM VANILLA SUGAR | sweet scent

One of my absolute favourites, soft and delicate to the senses.  The rich scent of white orchid, jasmine and sandalwood just engulf your home with nothing less than pure warm luxury with,

  • Top Notes | White Orchid and Brown Sugar
  • Middle Notes | Jasmine, Vanilla Tonka, Coconut and Vanilla
  • Base Notes | Cocoa Bean and Sandalwood


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